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Mission Statement

Deliver water to district patrons by managing and maintaining the system in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.


The North Unit Irrigation District is located in the Deschutes River Basin and supplies irrigation water to nearly 59,000 acres of farmland in Jefferson County.


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North Unit Irrigation District 58-11 Project 2018

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Water Supply Update – September 19, 2018


September 18, 2018 Water Supply Update and Modified Operations


The district anticipates the Crooked River and Deschutes River flows will taper off beginning this week/weekend resulting in insufficient supplies to maintain the delivery system and the drawdown of Haystack Reservoir.  As a result of these diminished supplies on Tuesday, September 25 the district will temporarily shut down deliveries to all patrons.  Water Orders will be taken until Sunday Sept. 23 for delivery on Monday, September 24.


Minimal flows will remain in the delivery system to keep the system “primed” but with no deliveries.  On Tuesday, October 2 the district anticipates Haystack to be filling/full again, picking up the additional natural flow in the Deschutes River.  The district believes this action will allow for another week or more of irrigation beginning on or about Tuesday, October 2.  The district will begin taking water orders again on Monday, October 1 with anticipated deliveries on Tuesday, October 2.  The district wants to remind patrons that the above operations are subject to ongoing review of supply conditions.


The district can't emphasize enough that water only be used as necessary and not simply because water remains in a water users account.  The district also discourages marketing of water to other patrons who have used their allotment.  Everyone's cooperation is needed to extend the season.