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Water Conservation Projects

Picture of a backhoe or excavator
photo credit to Mariah Taylor

North Unit Irrigation District has an active drive towards conservation projects, with a project on deck at all times. Conservation projects range from canal lining and piping to improved automation control: there is no limit to how diverse water conservation projects can be.

In recent years, the District piped the 58-9 lateral which not only conserved water and provided pressurized water to patrons but successfully improved water quality in the Mud Springs and Trout Creek watersheds. In December 2011, the District focused on lining the last 5 miles of a 12 mile lining project of its main canal which effectively conserves nearly 8,000 acre feet each year, the conserved water from the 5 miles of lining was protected in-stream in the Crooked River. And in 2019, we will finalize our 58-11 lateral piping project – marking it one of North Unit Irrigation District’s largest lateral piping projects to date. The project spans 5 miles with the water conserved by the project being placed in the Crooked and Deschutes River to benefit fish and wildlife while also providing pressurized water to water users. These projects couldn’t have occurred with out tremendous support from our partners: Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, Portland General Electric, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Oregon Water Enhancement Board, and the Deschutes River Conservancy.

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