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PL-566 Lateral 43 Piping Project

Regarding authorization of Public Law 83-566 funding of the North Unit Irrigation District Infrastructure-Modernization Project (Project): the Project is an agricultural water conveyance efficiency project. The proposed action would pipe and pressurize laterals 31, 32, 34, and 43 and construct four 1,000-cubic-yard retention ponds at the terminal ends of laterals 31, 34-2, 43, and 43-10.

During the irrigation season, the District’s open canals and laterals lose about 37 percent of their flow to seepage, with Lateral 43 losing 15.9 cfs. Water losses due to inefficient conveyance systems reduce the District’s ability to deliver the full rate and duty associated with each grower's water right. Starting with Lateral 43 (just in front of Haystack Reservoir), this modernization through piping will imrpove water conservation, increase water delivery reliability to patrons and farms, reduce O&M costs, and enhance streamflow and habitat for fish and other acquatic species. 

Phase 1 of the 43 pipeline was completed successfully in Winter 2024. See the progress video:

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