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Notice of Intent to Use Aquatic Pesticides

Notice of Intent to Use Aquatic Pesticides

The North Unit Irrigation District (NUID) will begin applying aquatic herbicides to its irrigation canals beginning May 2024 and periodically as needed through October 2024.

The aquatic herbicide applications may include the following products:  Copper Sulfate and  Magnacide H with active ingredient Acrolein.  The intended applications will control aquatic weeds and algae growth in canals within NUID boundaries.

Waters within the irrigation delivery system of NUID are intended for agricultural purposes.  Customers are advised not to use the treated water for recreation, aquaculture, human or animal consumption.

Interested persons can call the NUID office at (541) 475-3625 to obtain more information and to
request to be notified in advance of treatments.

Dennis Krueger - Watermaster

North Unit Irrigation District

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