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Haystack Reservoir Ramp Flume


The Ramp Flume that is downstream of Haystack was constructed (in 2015/16) with conservation in mind. Due to the dynamics of the system, pinpointing target flow rates downstream of Haystack was very challenging – with the main canal bypassing Haystack via a separate route of conveyance, in conjunction with discharge from Haystack outlet, there was no truly reliable way to know what amount of water operators were sending down the canal, let alone how to precisely adjust flow rates on one or the other when changes needed to be made. Excess flows were not uncommon prior the ramp flume’s construction, so less water was making it to on-farm.

Fun facts about the ramp flume:

  • 125 yards of concrete, 100 sheets of plywood, 500 8′ 2×4 planks, 700 snap ties, 4 tons of rebar, and 1700 man hours.
  • Fully automated site dynamics which inform the Haystack discharge outlet, and the main bypass canal. Everything is fully dictated by RTMC software and communication devices.
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