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Water Supply Information

2018 Water Shut Off Update


At the October 4, 2018 North Unit Irrigation District Board of Directors Special Board Meeting the board set the 2018 irrigation season water shut off date and schedule as follows:  The district’s diversion at Haystack Dam will be shut down on the morning of Friday, October 12, 2017.  The last date that ditchriders will make water adjustments will be Thursday, October 11, 2018.


The last date that district waterusers can place a water order is before 5:00 pm on Wednesday, October 10, 2018 below Haystack or between 6:30 am and 7:30 am on Thursday, October 11, 2018 for waterusers above Haystack.


Water will remain running to those waterusers who have ordered water until the main canal has drained below Haystack.  On October 12 the district will be shutting all main canal delivery and lateral gates off above Haystack in order to fill Haystack with natural river flow.  Water will remain running to those waterusers who have ordered water until the laterals have been drained.


Please plan your operations accordingly.


Water Supply Update – September 19, 2018


September 18, 2018 Water Supply Update and Modified Operations


The district anticipates the Crooked River and Deschutes River flows will taper off beginning this week/weekend resulting in insufficient supplies to maintain the delivery system and the drawdown of Haystack Reservoir.  As a result of these diminished supplies on Tuesday, September 25 the district will temporarily shut down deliveries to all patrons.  Water Orders will be taken until Sunday Sept. 23 for delivery on Monday, September 24.


Minimal flows will remain in the delivery system to keep the system “primed” but with no deliveries.  On Tuesday, October 2 the district anticipates Haystack to be filling/full again, picking up the additional natural flow in the Deschutes River.  The district believes this action will allow for another week or more of irrigation beginning on or about Tuesday, October 2.  The district will begin taking water orders again on Monday, October 1 with anticipated deliveries on Tuesday, October 2.  The district wants to remind patrons that the above operations are subject to ongoing review of supply conditions.


The district can't emphasize enough that water only be used as necessary and not simply because water remains in a water users account.  The district also discourages marketing of water to other patrons who have used their allotment.  Everyone's cooperation is needed to extend the season.


Water Supply Update - September 12, 2018

Based on current conditions the Board continues to be cautiously optimistic the water season will run until the end of September, but is subject to ongoing water supply conditions.  The district is monitoring supplies closely and water users should also be monitoring conditions closely as well.

2018 Allotment & Water Turn On Date

The North Unit Irrigation District Board of Directors has reviewed the current weather and water supply conditions for the 2018 season. The Board has set the tentative water release date from the Bend Headworks and Haystack Reservoir for Monday, April 2.  District crews will begin priming the system on Tuesday, April 3 with water deliveries available in most areas of the District on Friday or Saturday.


The North Unit Irrigation District Board of Directors also set a tentative water allotment at 2.25 acre-feet per acre for Deschutes River water right lands, and 1.25 acre-feet per acre for Crooked River water right lands. The District will continue to monitor weather and water supply conditions to determine whether adjustments to the allotment are warranted.


In order to insure system priming is carried out in the most efficient manner please make sure that all wheel-lines, hand-lines, equipment, livestock fences and any other items are not on the canal easements.  The District is not responsible for damaged items that are left within the District’s easements.

To access reservoir levels, current stream flows, and other useful information, click on one of the following links: